All the small print!!!

Please leave your bins out on your clean day, we do clean bins up until 6pm J

  1. All regular packages are subject to a minimum charge equivalent to three cleans ($60 for fortnightly customers and $80 for 4 weekly customers) for new customers.
  2. If you wish to change or suspend a clean, 24 hours notice is required as you are allocated a time slot so this can be allocated to another customer otherwise full standard charge will apply.
  3. All payments are due in advance of clean.
  4. Cash payment is due on the day of the clean and prepayment is advised .
  5. Bank payments are due in advance of the day of clean, we find most customers find it helpful to set up a recurring direct bank deposit.
  6. Payments overdue by 30 days will incur a $5 admin fee for dealing with overdue payment
  7. Super Clean Bins reserves the right to charge your account if your bins have been refilled after empty, taken into garage before 6pm or any other factor not in our control that prevents clean being carried out with no notice.
  8. The Super Clean Bins operator is sole arbitrator of clean level of post clean bin. Don’t worry we always deliver the highest quality of clean – if you have any concerns with your clean, please contact us on the day of clean.

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