City of Stirling bin clean service

City of Stirling bin clean service

Why clean your Recycling and Garbage bin in the City of Stirling?

All that accumulates in your Garbage and Recycling  bin during the week, such as food remnants, including raw and cooked meats, soiled nappies, used tissues, cleaning debris, pets waste and garden waste – become a source of germs. The awful smell attract rodents and insects and is offensive to the surrounding. This terrible smell persist even after the garbage is disposed and the Garbage and Recycling bin is empty. Your domestic bins are often stored in the backyard or in other open area, in reach to all household members including your children.

A main safety fear for all of us in the Perth, Stirling area is the female Red Back seems to find under the handles of our bins irresistible. When moving bins to and from the curb side we need to be confident our bins are safe for us and our family. Super Clean Bins gives you this confidence by treating your bins so all siders and insects leave and don’t come back!

For City of Stirling bin clean service contact Jayne today on 0422 548750

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