Cleaning Process

By the end of our unique Super Clean Bins checklist we are sure you will have Super Clean Bins to be proud of. Our process will have removed 99.9% of all Germs, Micro-Bacteria & Fungi, unpleasant odours, infestations and visible dirt.

How we do this

  • We arrive on the day of your rubbish collection with our mobile state of the art cleaning system
  • We check for visible damage to bins axles, wheels, body and lid. We can advise replacement if necessary.
  • We wash down the exterior of the bin removing all infestations from hot spots like handles, under bin lip and axles.
  • We remove any visible debris missed by the bin trucks and then set to work on the inside
  • We place the bin on to our high pressure cleaning and sanitising system for a full cleaning cycle
  • We manually clean the top and underneath of the lid and pay special attention to the handle area
  • We dry out excess moisture and dry bin area, capturing moisture back into our recycled water filter system
  • We clean the wheels and blacken them to return shine
  • We shine the outside of your bin
  • We deodorise your wheelie bin, leaving it lemony fresh
  • We return your now Super Clean Bin to your property

Environmental guarantee

We use only 100% non-hazardous biodegradable products in our cleaning We are registered and comply with the Water Corporation strict pollutant guidance All of our water is collected, filtered and recycled and used again, We love every drop!