Rubbish Bin Cleaning Perth

Rubbish Bin Cleaning Perth

411 germs can be found on 1 square inch of your trash bin.

Did you know that your Rubbish bin is a major breeding ground for bacteria that have rather exotic sounding names, such as Salmonella, E.coli and Listeria? Think for a minute what you can actually place into your trash bin – pet waste, newspapers, yard clippings, cans and bottles, disposable nappies, food packaging such as takeout cartons, vacuum cleaner contents, food remnants, including meat, fish and poultry.  The list goes on…Is this the bacteria breeding ground that you really want to keep near your home?

A line of 1000 germs can fit across a pencil eraser.

The concept of a rubbish bin cleaning service came from the horrible smell that arose and hovered over my rubbish bin. Hating the fact I had to sneak up on my rubbish bin while holding my breath not only to open it, but having to duck out of the way while the lid closed to avoid that “whoosh” of smelly air, I knew something had to be done.  Thus, Super Clean Bins was born.

We use only clean water and no degreaser agent to keep your bins Super Clean and smelling great!

We know first hand that spills occur, rubbish bags rip open, as well as “everything” nasty and gross is tossed into a rubbish bin. “Stuff” congeals, sticks everywhere, and puddles of unidentified “goo” collect at the bottom.  Combine that with anything pet-related, plus our Perth heat, and you have just created something absolutely horrible, yet the perfect need for our services. Our goal is to provide an efficient, easily affordable, curbside rubbish bin cleaning service to the Suburbs North of the River, protecting them from the hazards of bacteria and fungus commonly detected on, in and around unsanitary bins. We offer this service to make our community a cleaner, healthier place to live.

 We kill up to 99.9% of the harmful bacteria breeding in your bins.

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