Super Bin Cleaning commercial and domestic bin cleaning safety tips!!!

Commercial and domestic bin cleaning

Commercial and Residential bin cleaning tips, Glendalough, Wembley, West Leederville, Mt Hawthorn, Tuart Hill.

Safety is a top priority for Waste Management and is a shared responsibility that starts right at your garbage and recycling bin. A properly filled, maintained and serviced bin is crucial in keeping us all free from harm. To that end, Super Clean Bins would like to share with you some best practices in proper waste disposal to help you maintain a waste area that is functional and safe.
These tips provide a few helpful suggestions on proper waste disposal such as: reducing bin odor, keeping your waste area clean, and disposing of bulky items.

Loading Container: When loading your commercial or residential bins, please ensure that your bin lid can fully close. Keep in mind that if your garbage volumes do change, we can adjust your cleaning service to keep your recycling and garbage bin not just clean but super clean!  Remember, a quick service adjustment will allow you to keep up with your growing demands as well as help you avoid unwanted odours 🙂

good container/bad container

Reduce Odor:  To help reduce odor around your waste area, remember to tightly bag your trash before placing it in your container.  This will help to reduce bacteria build up and odor caused by spilled garbage.

Super Clean:  Regular cleaning of your garbage bins will help to keep the waste area and your family home clean and smelling gorgeous, reducing odor and minimizing insects.

Cleaning your garage or shed:  When cleaning out your garage or shed, please keep in mind that the following items are not apart of your normal waste collection pick up and should not be placed in your container: paint, paint thinners,oil, oil filters, oil rags and insecticides.

In addition, the following items require special handling and may not be placed in your waste or recycling containers:

Bulky items:  Do you have bulky items that you need to dispose of?  If so, please keep in mind that bulky items can not be placed in your container and require special handling.

Recycling tips:  Store your green recycling bin in the garage or outside preferably in a shaded area.  Where possible, place you recycling bin on one side of your driveway and place your garbage on the opposite side.

Safety Tips for your waste area:  To ensure the safety of all, please maintain clear and safe access to your container.  In addition, place your container in an open or well-lit area and ensure that the overhead clearance is a minimum of 14 feet in height.

How to avoid delays in service:To prevent delays in your waste collection service, please ensure vehicles are not parked in front or on the side of your container.  In addition, make sure gates or access to your containers are unlocked for service and keep containers clear of snow and ice.

If you have any questions regarding these helpful tips then call Super Clean Bins 0422 548750

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