Top 5 Tips to Clean Your Wheelie Bins

Summer will be arriving soon, which will be coming with a big bag of more responsibilities to give a little more attention towards the hygenity of the every corner. Whether it is about assuring the timely maintenance of air conditioning systems or the cleaning of wheelie bins; every aspect inside the premises needs extra attention.

Nevertheless, it is often seen that wheelie bins installed witness a little ignorance from its owners, which can tend to pose greater threats to the hygenity of the surroundings, if not taken care of properly. Thus, here we have the solution of this ignorance and it is the assistance of Bin Cleaning Service Company.

Event Wheelie Bin Cleaning

However, calling the experts is the case when the owner doesn’t possess an adequate knowledge of the DIY wheelie bin cleaning service or when they are running out of the required time. Although, for those who have enough time to carry out the bin cleaning process on own, we are here with our top tips to clean your bins with an ease.

Let’s go through the following points and bring a new, thoroughly cleaned and shining wheelie bin back with little effort.

Double The Bag To Collect Waste

The first step towards cleaning the bin is to double the bag that collects the waste from the bin. Using the double bag ensures that the collected waste doesn’t get littered anywhere else and make sure to squeeze out the air before tying the bag. This will not only help in removing the debris and waste from the bin, but as well, the squeeze out of the air helps in reducing the decomposition process and exposure of pungent smell.

Rinse The Wheelie Bin With Soapy Liquid

Another tip is to rinse the wheelie bin with a mild soapy water frequently, as you change the bags. This act will help the wheelie bin owners to wash out all the visible debris in and out of the bin, leaving a clean bin behind. This act wouldn’t take much time, and is as easy as changing an existing garbage bag. It will also help in keeping the reproduction of flies and other infestation bacterias at bay.

Use Pressure Washer

You can also use a pressure washer often when there is a need of thorough washing to remove hard core impurities and debris. The market is offering a wide range of small size pressure washing system that comes handy for such a small scale project. Do this as often as you can, as it will not let any flies to lay eggs inside or outside the bin, and eventually reduce the reproduction of harmful bacteria and germs.

Always Try To Keep Bin Clean and Moisture Free

One important tip to have a clean bin is, one should always try to keep the bins clean and moisture free. This forms an important part as the presence of excessive moisture not only elevates the decomposition process, but, also fasten the reproduction of bacteria, germs and infestation counts, spoiling the hygenity of the surroundings.

Sanitise With Eco-Friendly Sanitiser

Everytime you change the garbage bags, clean it and rinse it with water, you should also not forget to sanitise the bin with eco-friendly sanitiser. The market has a large variety of human and environment friendly sanitisers. If you don’t find any santiser near you, you can also make use of vinegar as a sanitiser. This is true that vinegar consists mild acidic properties, which can also be found in chemical-based sanitisers.

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